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Industry Board Games, Role-playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Card Games, Comic Books
Founded 2004 (2004)
Founders Matthew Fay
Headquarters Mount Healthy, Ohio, U.S.
Area served Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky metropolitan area
Key people Matthew Fay, Founder
Services Gaming Space
Parent Yottaquest LLC
Website Yottaquest.com

Yottaquest is an American gaming store in Mt. Healthy, Ohio. The store was founded in 2004 by Matthew Fay, and since then has increased its business an average of 25% a year, even during the recession.[1][2]

The store specializes in board games,[3] role playing games and card games. They carry a selection of both new and used games, including hard to find older editions.[4][5] Yottaquest also stocks or demos new and independent games.[6][7] No electronic or video games are carried in the store, stressing socializing and personal interaction.[1]

Goodman Games awarded Yottaquest the title of "America's Favorite Game Store" in July 2009 following a competition and voting on their website.[8][9]

One of Yottaquest's business philosophies is establishing a strong gaming community throughout the region.[10][11] The store has an extensive gaming space usable by their customers and members of the gaming community, and frequently hosts tournaments and events.[12]

The founder of Yottaquest, Matthew Fay, is also the President of the Mount Healthy Business Association.[13]


The name "Yottaquest" was suggested by the founder's son, Jonathan Fay, from the metric prefix "Yotta-", the largest SI prefix, denoting a factor of 1024. In other words, 1000000000000000000000000 quests, or one septillion quests.[14]


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