You're My Everything (film)

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You're My Everything
Anne Baxter-YOU'RE MY EVERYTHING-Promo.jpg
Promotional photograph of Anne Baxter for the film
Directed by Walter Lang
Starring Dan Dailey
Release date(s) August 1949
Running time 94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

You're My Everything is a 1949 film directed by Walter Lang. It stars Dan Dailey and Anne Baxter.[1]


Boston, 1924: A starstruck Hannah Adams waits outside in the rain to meet Tim O'Connor, who has just performed in a musical on stage. She invites him home to meet her family, and soon they are in love and getting married.

Tim gets a Hollywood screen test. Hannah is asked to read with him and ends up the one being offered a contract. She becomes a star in silent movies. At the advent of sound, she retires to have a baby and live with Tim on a farm.

Their daughter, Jane, is taken by Tim to studio chief Henry Mercer when a child's role in a film becomes available. A hesitant Hannah agrees to let her daughter be in just one movie, but Tim conceals the fact that Jane is being given a three-picture contract. The conflict threatens to break up the family.



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