You've Been Framed!

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You've Been Framed!
YBF title card 2010.jpg
Genre Comedy
Presented by Jeremy Beadle (1990–97)
Lisa Riley (1998–2003)
Jonathan Wilkes (2003–04)
Voices of Andrew Brittain (1991–2004)
Narrated by Harry Hill (2004–)
Composer(s) Ray Monk
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 27
No. of episodes 434 (end of series 26)
Location(s) Granada Studios (1990–2003)
Running time 30–60 minutes (inc. adverts)
Production company(s) Granada in association with American Broadcasting Company, Vin Di Bona Productions, Tokyo Broadcasting System and Action Time
Distributor ITV Studios
Original channel ITV
Picture format 4:3 (1990–2001)
16:9 (2001–present)
Original run 14 April 1990 (1990-04-14) – present
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You've Been Framed! is a British television comedy show, produced by ITV Studios (Granada at Granada Studios before operations merged) for ITV where viewers send in humorous home videos. It is currently narrated by British comedian Harry Hill, who has been narrating the show since 2004.


During the show, the video clips are played and the people who sent them in receive £250. Just before the advert break, a "What happens next?" competition, where the viewers have to guess what happens after a clip is frozen, or "Framed Gold Records" competition, where viewers have to guess how many times something can happen before something else happens (for example, how many people can fall over before a dog gets through a very tight space?), or "Are You A Cry Baby? Maybe" competition, where viewers guess if there will be tears before bedtime, is played. The answer is revealed after the break. Its hosts were Jeremy Beadle, Lisa Riley, and Jonathan Wilkes.


The show was first commissioned as a pilot and aired on ITV on 14 April 1990 with Jeremy Beadle as the host. Another pilot was commissioned and aired on the same TV channel on 1 September 1990. These featured more audience participation, for example, brief interviews with people who had been featured in clips. Both pilots were a success and soon enough, a series was commissioned and aired on 6 January 1991. It became so popular within public consciousness that it peaked in popular culture when it was referenced in the closing episode of Bottom in 1995 with the name Jeremy Beadle's Hilariously Violent Domestic Incidents, for which the Richie and Eddie tried to film a fake clip they would later submit for it (had it been the Jonathan Wilkes 2003 era of the show, any clip they'd have made would have appeared in Named, Framed and Shamed.

The format has been tweaked in recent years, with Lisa Riley taking over from Beadle in the late 90s. While the programme was presented by Jonathan Wilkes, the studio audience voted for which clip was the best of the night at the end of the show, and the person who sent in the winning clip received £1,000. A segment was also introduced showcasing clips which had obviously been faked, called "Named, framed and shamed!", which ended when the studio was ditched in favour of an apartment setting later on while Jonathan Wilkes was still presenting.

This was short lived, and visual continuity was replaced with a narrator, voiced by Harry Hill, which meant that for the first time since the show began, there was no studio nor on-screen personality. Hill provides commentary on the clips via voice-over, which means more clips can be shown, as well as being seen by some as a cost-cutting exercise.

Submission of clips is free (without stampage) and in recent years, the show began accepting clips via e-mail, and more recently, the inclusion of mobile phone videos; noted on-screen by a small mobile symbol in the corner. Granada Reports newsreader Andrew Brittain was a regular announcer from 1991 until the end of the Lisa Riley era in 2002 when he left Granada Reports.

Nowadays in the show, Hill makes regular obtuse references to the Norfolk market town of Swaffham, in reprisal of the serious injuries he once received in a bizarre bird attack in the town.

The show is similar in format to a number of shows worldwide, including America's Funniest Home Videos and Australia's Funniest Home Video Show. In a deal with various foreign producers of similar shows, many imported clips are used, in exchange for home-grown videos from the UK. The Bottom sequence was not featured in the show.

Opening titles[edit]

Back in the early days, the titles were very Granada-early 90s like. This didn't change much in 1993, still resembling Stars in Their Eyes.

The first truly memorable title sequence, enter the most classic of classic eras of the show and when the show started to make its mark (post-Bottom reference), was in 1996, featuring a CGI animated laughing television (the stylized television featured a combined deck underneath featuring two speakers and a laughing mouth. It starts with a cold open (which despite the name did not stop any audience laughter) and then in a CGI animated living room with the TV there. The video goes in the video player which then licks itself, then a nice 90s-style jagged animation shows us the TV which begins to laugh, show clips and it jaggers around a fixed point whilst the background moves throughout the wallpaper in the house and then shows some of the funny footage as picture frames on the wall before panning down to the laughing TV. Then there is a bouncy ball which knocks out a red TV shown to the side showing a clip (which panters[clarification needed] in pain briefly) then mimicks how in some clips, a sudden hit to the camera makes the camera shake around. Once the faux camera is rebalanced, we see more of the laughing TV which is moving seamlessly throughout the house, then out of the house onto a sky scene when the logo appears on the screen within a screen (the laughing TV screen). The logo is not as memorable as its successors, however.

The VHS cassette is a mainstay in the 1998–01 and 2003–12 opening titles. It even makes a cameo appearance in the 1996–98 opening titles.

In 1998 upon the arrival of Lisa Riley, it was shaken up in the CGI animated late 1990s–early 2000s ITV style. Now set in a fluorescent purple coloured background with a fluorescent pink floor and fluorescent shades of orange, first Lisa Riley clicks her fingers, then we see video tapes in a pile which are shown to "hop" (as so to speak due to them being limbless) individually from the pile and bounce around. The black video tapes have a set of large eyes. Each video has its own colour. They then vertically stand on top of each other ala a motorcycle to display in front of Lisa Riley, amused, who has now appeared. The top video excitingly, with pressure, releases its video film which creates a rough ring (in which clips are played). She discards it and the pile of videos fall whilst a new one with an orange sticker comes in from the orange direction, bouncing onto Riley's hand. Its shows a clip where the orange sticker was and its two windows showing the film rolled go swirly and hypnotic (not to suggest one has to be hypnotised to find the clip funny). She find it funny, but upon being let go of whilst she laughs, the video alarmingly realises the consequences and its eyes pop out comically before popping back in and it falls to the ground in between a spinning lot of video tapes who then pan to the side of the screen to reveal a clip. Lisa Riley is then shown surrounded by video tapes over excited, one of which jumps towards the screen, almost entirely encroaching it, with the new You've Been Framed logo on its sticker label whilst some silver vertical lines appear behind.

A new logo and title sequence change did occur in 2001. A clip is shown on a golden oddly shaped roughly round picture frame (later shown to be a mirror like thing) with a white aura around it atop a moving, wavy purple background which is the background of the entire clip. This mirror then zooms back into a entire ball of similar mirror things showing clips, each different colour borders, hovering in mid air. It resembles a planet in space. More mirrors come to show their funny clips, then don't return to the big ball and instead float around in orbit. One mirror is squashed by two others and once these are out the way, falling clip mirrors appear, two of which show their clips before returning to the huge ball (whilst the last of the orbiting clip mirrors leaves) and then one clip shows the new logo, a memorable Impact-style font.

Era 2[edit]

Upon Jonathan Wilkes entrance of the show, the best known and most memorable titles of all made their debut in 2003. Still in the classic CGI style, inside a factory, production line house or warehouse storing loads of yellow video tapes with the new You've Been Framed logo on. A orange robot hand takes one and others take hold of it, setting it on its way around the warehouse. It's like a production line because this happens to more of them. They are then shown on their trail track wheezing around as if the trail track was a roller coaster, narrowly missing a similar line above, into an entire massive room full of the stored video tapes where there are other similar lines of video tapes being sent on their way (of course, these could all possibly be the same line.) The line then slides past a giant TV screen (with a video player) showing a clip. The video in the video player pops out into the hands of another robot hand is set on its way on another trail track production line which pass underneath another huge TV screen (this one video player-less) through a tunnel into another room shown to be redder, i.e. hotter, then into another room where more TV screens are playing clips and there's more production line tracks, whilst one TV screen has a blue video player from which a yellow video ejects at the idea of a robotic hand. This video is chewed up, so the hand discards it onto a row of other videos, but the video knocks down the other videos like dominoes. There is a turnstile style hand at the end of their area, whilst another fast row of video tapes on their line pass underneath a frameless screen showing the new logo.

The new logo, shown held up by two metal bar things, is very memorable and features a jagged, experimental, stylized font upon a wavy blue background in the style of Corfu. We see further inside this big factory in between segments on the Harry Hill era, now, for example, there is a baby video sent to jail.


Series Start date End date Episodes Presenter/Narrator
Pilots 14 April 1990 1 September 1990 2 Jeremy Beadle
1 6 January 1991 28 February 1991 8
2 12 January 1992 1 March 1992 8
3 6 September 1992 11 October 1992 6
4 10 January 1993 29 May 1993 9
5 3 October 1993 19 December 1993 11
6 4 September 1994 17 December 1994 16
7 3 September 1995 19 November 1995 12
8 1 September 1996 15 December 1996 14
9 14 September 1997 7 December 1997 13
10 4 September 1998 24 October 1998 8 Lisa Riley
11 17 July 1999 7 November 1999 16
12 2 September 2000 9 December 2000 14
13 21 October 2001 22 December 2001 10
14 8 September 2002 24 November 2002 12
15 12 October 2003 2 May 2004 30 Jonathan Wilkes
16 11 September 2004 23 April 2005 33 Harry Hill
17 10 September 2005 22 April 2006 33
18 29 May 2006 30 July 2006 10
19 26 November 2006 4 February 2007 11
20 30 October 2007 11 May 2008 29
21 20 September 2008 4 March 2009 25
22 28 November 2009 3 March 2010 15
23 18 September 2010 19 March 2011 27
24 20 August 2011 18 August 2012 39
25 1 September 2012 24 December 2012 17
26 23 March 2013 4 May 2013 6
27 31 August 2013 24 May 2014
28 23 August 2014 1 November 2014 20[1]
29 2015 TBA

Special episodes[edit]

Throughout its run since its debut in 1990, You've Been Framed! has featured several spin-off specials (often reusing clips from previous shows):

  • 100% You've Been Framed!
  • Best Of You've Been Framed!
  • Funniest Ever You've Been Framed!
  • I Love YBF!
  • New You've Been Framed! Favourites
  • New You've Been Framed! Forever
  • Totally You've Been Framed!
  • Very Best Of You've Been Framed!
  • The Guide To You've Been Framed!
  • You've Been Framed! A-Z of Christmas (2002)
  • You've Been Framed! And Famous
  • You've Been Framed! And Famous 4
  • You've Been Framed! Best of the Best (TBC, 1 March 2014)
  • You've Been Framed at Christmas! (1991, 1994–95, 1998–2001, 2003–06, 2008, 2012, 24 December 2013)
  • You've Been Framed! Calendar Special
  • You've Been Framed! Family Special (2008)
  • You've Been Framed! Christmas Special
  • You've Been Framed! Favourites (8 June 2013)
  • You've Been Framed! Forever
  • You've Been Framed! Full Throttle!
  • You've Been Framed! Funniest 100
  • You've Been Framed! Harry's Favourites
  • You've Been Framed! Kids' Special (2008, 2010, 2012)
  • You've Been Framed Rides Again!
  • You've Been Framed! Sports' Special (2006, 2007, 20??, TBC)
  • You've Been Framed! Animal Special (2004, 2007, 20??, TBC)
  • You've Been Framed! Top 10s
  • You've Been Framed! The Next Generation (2010)
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Animals
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Holidays (2012, 2013)
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Kids
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Talent (2013)
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Weddings
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Funniest Animals
  • You've Been Framed! Strikes Back! (8 March 2014)
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Senior Moments (15 March 2014)
  • You've Been Framed! A-Z of Animals (22 March 2014)
  • You've Been Framed! Top 100 Shockers (29 March 2014)
  • You've Been Framed! Presents (5 April 2014)


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