You Don't Know What Love Is

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This article is about the song written by Gene de Paul. For the song by the White Stripes of the same name, see You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told).

"You Don't Know What Love Is," a popular song of the Great American Songbook, was written by Don Raye (lyrics) and Gene de Paul (music) for the Abbott and Costello picture Keep 'Em Flying (1941), in which it was sung by Carol Bruce. The number was deleted prior to release.

Universal ended putting the song into the Raye/de Paul score of one of its B musicals, the 60-minute Behind the Eight Ball (1942), starring the Ritz Brothers and re-teaming Carol Bruce and Dick Foran from "Keep 'Em Flying." Here, "You Don't Know What Love Is" was again sung by Carol Bruce, in her third and final film until the 1980s.

Notable recordings[edit]