You Made Me Realise

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You Made Me Realise
A black and white image of a woman laying on grass. To the left side of her face, she holds a bunch of flowers and to the right side of her face, she holds a knife. The text on the top right corner of the image reads "My Bloody Valentine".
EP by My Bloody Valentine
Released 8 August 1988 (1988-08-08)
Recorded 1988 (1988)
Genre Alternative rock, shoegazing, noise rock, post-punk
Length 17:06
Label Creation
Producer My Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine chronology
You Made Me Realise
Isn't Anything
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

"You Made Me Realise" is a song by the alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine, the lead track from a single and EP released on 8 August 1988 on Creation Records. It was their first record for Creation. The promotional video for "You Made Me Realise" was directed by ex-Jesus and Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart. During live performances the band would repeat a single chord from the song for as long as they felt bearable, the song descending into cacophony.[2] This is sometimes referred to as the "holocaust section", and usually lasted about 15 minutes, although there are reports of shows where it went on for well over half an hour.[2][3][4] For the 2008/09 reunion shows, "You Made Me Realise" brought each show to an ear-splitting conclusion, reaching up to 130 dB.[4][5][6]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Kevin Shields except where noted. 

7-inch (CRE 055)
No. Title Length
1. "You Made Me Realise"   3:46
2. "Slow"   3:11
  • Limited to 1,000 copies
Creation 12-inch (CRE 055T)
No. Title Length
1. "You Made Me Realise"   3:46
2. "Slow"   3:11
3. "Thorn"   3:36
4. "Cigarette in Your Bed"   3:29
5. "Drive It All Over Me" (Shields/Bilinda Butcher/Colm Ó Cíosóig) 3:04
  • Reissued on CD in April 1990 (CRESCD055)
Mercury 12-inch (Mercury 874 343-1)
No. Title Length
1. "You Made Me Realise"   3:45
2. "Slow"   3:11
3. "Cigarette in Your Bed"   3:29
4. "Feed Me with Your Kiss"   3:56
5. "Emptiness Inside"   2:50
6. "I Need No Trust"   3:32

Cover versions[edit]

In 1991, Midway Still covered "You Made Me Realise" on the b-side of their "Wish" single,[7] rather unsuccessfully, as they claimed in Melody Maker, because they could not understand the lyrics, so they made some of them up. It was covered by Silver Sun and released on the CD version of their "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" single in 1998.[8] "You Made Me Realise" was also covered by Amusement Parks on Fire as a b-side on their 2006 single release "In Flight". BadBadNotGood featured a cover of the song as the closing track on their 2012 album "BBNG2".


All personnel credits adapted from the EP's liner notes.[9]

My Bloody Valentine

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (1988) Peak
UK Indie Chart[10] 2


Year Publication Country Accolade Rank
2005 Q United Kingdom 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks[11] 35
2007 NME 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever[12] 50
N/A Rate Your Music N/A Top EPs of All-Time[13] 2


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