You Turn

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You Turn
Compilation album by A-180
Released May 1989
Recorded March 1989
Landmark Recording Studios
A-180 chronology
You Turn
Reaper's Train

You Turn is the first recording released by the band A-180, who would later be known as Audio Adrenaline. The cassette was released in 1989 and recorded at Landmark Recording Studios.

Production and distribution[edit]

The cover artwork was done by Doug Henderson, a fellow student of the band members at Kentucky Christian College. As this was the first recording, funds were limited so no liner notes or lyrics were included. The first order of tapes had the solid white color cassettes with black backs on the cassette cases. Subsequent orders had the clear tapes and fully clear cases. The songs appearing on "You Turn" are those the band had written and played at shows for a couple of years.

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "He's Commin' Back"
  2. "Set Me Free"
  3. "Take Me Now"
  4. "If You Believe"
  5. "You Know My Heart"

Side two[edit]

  1. "I Desire"
  2. "Calling Your Name"
  3. "Run To The Arms"
  4. "Far Too Long"
  5. "Look Up!"


Band members[edit]

  • Mark Stuart - lead vocals
  • Dave Stuart - keyboards, vocals
  • Barry Blair - all guitars
  • Will McGinniss - bass
  • Ron Gibson - drums

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