You and Yours

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You and Yours
Other names You & Yours
Genre Consumer affairs
Running time Weekdays: 12.04 - 13.00
Country United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station BBC Radio 4
Host(s) Winifred Robinson, Peter White
Air dates since October 1970
Website Website
Podcast Podcast

You and Yours is a British radio consumer affairs programme, broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


It began broadcasting in October 1970, when its first presenter was Joan York. In the 1980s it briefly ran seven days a week. In April 1998 it was increased from a 25-minute programme to 55 minutes. It still runs for this duration, except on those days when immediately followed by the investigative consumer affairs feature Face the Facts. On 14 October 2008 there was a change of format, with two presenters being replaced by one. The breadth of topics covered was extended to global problems as well as those closer to home. It continues to broadcast on a wide range of topics, and now broadcasts on themes of medical interest as well as consumer issues. For example, on 8 May 2012, a considerable proportion was devoted to cancer care. Other medical themes that have been discussed on the programme include dementia and diabetes mellitus. It is edited by Chas Watkin and currently has a weekly audience of three and a half million. It is followed by The World at One.


It is transmitted every weekday at 12.04 p.m. after the midday news, and has run for nearly an hour since 1998; previously it had a slot of 25 minutes.

The programme has a weekly podcast and it is possible to listen to each item in the programme via its website.


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