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Country  Burkina Faso
Region Centre-Est Region
Province Boulgou Province
Department Zabré Department
Population (2005 est.)
 • Total 1,018
Time zone UTC

Youga is a village in the Zabré Department of Boulgou Province in south-eastern Burkina Faso, about 2km north from border with Ghana. As of 2005, the village had a population of 1018, [1] but due to discovery of gold in the vicinity and subsequent establishment of Youga Gold Mine, population is growing. The village does not have running water or electricity, and all economic activity is reduced to subsistence farming and a few primitive taverns which serve warm beer. Some people got jobs at Youga Gold Mine and this newfound prosperity is reflected in a number of makeshift shops springing up by the sides of dusty roads. Burkina Mining Company, the owners of Youga Gold Mine, have built three addintional classes to complete the primary school to six classes and renovated the clinic in the village, and Youga Power Project, designed and managed by South African company AMPCOR, is in its final stages of linking the Youga Gold Mine and Youga village to Ghanaian VRA electricity power grid. The population life is influenced by Ghana way of living is terms of language,currency, cooking, and so on. Peoples are most of the time going to Ghana specially Bawku, Bologatenga, Zebila and some other small towns to attend their hospitals. Some parents are sending their children to Ghana school. Most of the families in Youga area are divided by the border. Some members are in Ghana and the other part in Burkina. The Koussare the dialect spoken in Youga is one of the most popular dialect in the North of Ghana. Politically, Youga depends on Tenkodogo and Zabre. Note that one of the first MPs of our country is the late Mr Nanga Antoine. One of the first Official/Civil Servant is Mr Nanga Zoure David, former policeman who is retired since 1996 and is living in the village. He is one of the important Counselor of the differents chiefs since he is located in Youga.


Coordinates: 11°03′N 0°27′W / 11.050°N 0.450°W / 11.050; -0.450