Youghal (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

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Former Borough constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
Former constituency
Created 1374 (1374)
Abolished 1800
Replaced by Youghal - one seat only.

Youghal was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons to 1800. It was a corporation with burgesses and freemen under the patronage of the Earl of Shannon. Following the Act of Union 1800 the borough was disenfranchised.


A Topographical Directory of Ireland, published in 1837, describes the Parliamentary history of the borough of Youghal in County Cork.

The borough appears to have exercised the elective franchise by prescription, as, though no notice of that privilege appears in any of its charters, it continued to send two members to the Irish parliament from the year 1374 till the Union, since which period it has returned one member to the imperial parliament; the right of election was vested solely in the members of the corporation and the freemen, whether resident or not; but by the act of the 2nd of Wm. IV., cap. 88, it has been granted to the £10 householders, and the non-resident freemen have been disfranchised. A new boundary has been drawn round the town, including an area of 212 statute acres.

Members of Parliament[edit]


Election First member First party Second member Second party
1692 Henry Boyle Robert FitzGerald
1695 Henry Boyle
1703 Henry Luther John Hayman
1713 Boyle Smyth
1715 Francis Palmes Arthur Hyde
1719 Henry Rugge
October 1721 Richard FitzPatrick
1721 Arthur Hyde
1727 James Tynte James O'Brien
1758 Arthur Hyde
1761 Sir John Colthurst, 1st Bt Bellingham Boyle
1768 James Dennis Joseph Lysaght
1776 James Uniacke
1777 Robert Uniacke
1798 John Keane
1801 Succeeded by Westminster constituency of Youghal


  • 1695
  • 1703
  • 1713
  • 1715
  • 1727
  • 1761
  • 1768
  • 1776
  • 1783
  • 1790
  • 1797


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