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Young Adult Library Services (ISSN 1541-4302) is a quarterly magazine published by the Young Adult Library Services Association. It supersedes the Journal of Youth Services, which was published together with the Association for Library Service to Children until 2002. The magazine serves as a mode of continuing education for librarians working with young adult populations (ages 12-18). The content of the magazine varies from current news in the field to showcasing the best practices. The fall issue contains award announcements, speeches by award-winning authors, and background information on books. The journal publishes articles about teen habits, literacy, and interests. Additionally, it serves as mode of communication for members of the association and as a record for the organization.

Young Adult Library Services started as Top of the News in 1942. It became Journal for Youth Services in 1987. This magazine was split in two: Young Adult Library Services and Children & Libraries in 2002.

Young Adult Library Services is the recipient of the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Apex Awards of Excellence for a magazine or journal over 32 pages.[citation needed]

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