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This article is about the modern party. For the 1930s party, see Young Egypt Party (1933).
Young Egypt Party
حزب مصر الفتاة Hizb Misr El-Fatah
Chairman Abdul Hakim Abdul Majid Khalil[citation needed]
Founded 12 October 1989
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Islamic socialism, Socialism, Liberal democracy
House of Representatives
0 / 567
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The Misr El-Fatah (Young Egypt) Party (Arabic: حزب مصر الفتاةḤizb Miṣr al-Fatāh) is an Egyptian political party.

History and profile[edit]

The party was established on 12 October 1989.[1] It was legalized in 1990.[2]

The Party platform calls for:[1]

The Party fielded seven candidates to run for the 2000 legislative elections.[3]


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