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Young Naturists & Nudists America (YNA)[1] was founded in the fall of 2010. The main goal of this organization is to promote the non-sexual nudist (or naturist) lifestyle to the younger demographic.[2] They focus mostly on the 21 - 35 age groups but do accept older individuals. They host events in the tri-state New York area[3] such as:

  • Nude Night Out[4] - They will rent out a private space or bar and have a regular party just that everyone who attends is naked.
  • Signature Nude Years Eve Parties[5] - Every New Year's Eve YNA hosts a party that they title Nude Years Eve.

In early 2011 they launched an iPhone, Android and web app entitled Our Nude World which contains information about nudist resorts, nude beaches and other nudist and naturist groups or organizations world wide.[6]

On December 31, 2011 they launched an online news publication called the "Bare Times".[7] This publication covers all kinds of topics such as art, travel and news from both the nudist and "textile" worlds.

On Jan 19th they launched a new site: Ask A Nudist, where people from all over the world can ask questions and receive answers from actual nudists.[8]

Young Naturists America also features a blog titled Felicity's Blog.[9] Felicity Jones is one of the organization's founders and has participated in many art projects such as "Ocularpation Wall Street"[10] and "I'LL RAISE YOU ONE"[11] by the New York artist Zefrey Throwell. During her performance in Ocularpation Wall Street,[12] Felicity was one of three people who were arrested for disrupting the peace.[13] All three cases were later dropped.

Their website also features many articles on the different facets of nudism such as: nudity and religion, behavior etiquette, laws about public nudity and news/information about other nudist events from all over the world.


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