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Young Rewired State 2012 participants in Manchester

Young Rewired State is a series of collaborative hacking event for under 18s primarily based in the United Kingdom.[1][2] It brings together young developers to build web and mobile applications that attempt to solve real world problems.[3] Most of the developers participating in Young Rewired State have taught themselves or learned coding skills outside the traditional school curriculum.[4] It is the philanthropic arm of Rewired State.[5][6]

Every year Young Rewired State holds a national hackathon where attendees across the UK take part in a competition to make an application that includes at least one piece of open government data. At the end of the week the contestants present their creations to a panel of judges and they can win prizes in a variety of categories.[1][3]

According to an article by Emma Mulqueeny, one of the organisers of Young Rewired State, around 5% of the participants are female.[7]

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