Young and Dangerous 5

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Young and Dangerous 5
Traditional 98古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥
Simplified 98古惑仔之龙争虎斗
Directed by Andrew Lau
Produced by Manfred Wong
Written by Manfred Wong
Starring Ekin Cheng
Jordan Chan
Shu Qi
Alex Man
Danny Lee
Chin Kar-lok
Vincent Wan
Jerry Lamb
Paul Chun
Anthony Wong
Music by Chan Kwong-Wing
Cinematography Andrew Lau
Distributed by Golden Harvest Pictures
Release dates Template:Fil mdate
Running time 114 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Young and Dangerous 5 (simplified Chinese: 98古惑仔之龙争虎斗; traditional Chinese: 98古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥) is a 1998 Hong Kong triad film. It is the fourth and final sequel in the Young and Dangerous film series.


Chicken did not return for this film and Chan Ho Nam is on his own. He finds a beautiful new love interest's (Shu Qi) and has to deal with some young "Tung Sing" triad members trying to make something of themselves. Young and Dangerous 5 happens during the transfer of Hong Kong sovereignty to China. We see a transition of the "boys" becoming "men" as they develop maturity and go into more business-like dealings.

The story describes the Eastern Star, Causeway Bay, a Szeto Ho Nam, intent with the status of the Chan Ho-nam compete Causeway Bay jabi it during Ma Nadu Chen Jia Nan deceive Chan Ho Nam intention to cooperate with him and then abusing him then turn with Szeto Ho South, Chan Ho Nam a pedestrian quite angry. An Uncle Seven next to the woman lying fine, Chan Ho Nam to her many feelings, but that she was considerable indignation when to do things to help Chen Jia Nan. Shu Qi determination to help Chan Ho Nam expose Chen Jia Nan embarrassments while the original replacement for Big Brother prison Big Head Young Tim was released from prison he thought of the dull life as a selling newspapers at a street vendor but it is often the Eastern Star strong protection fees Chan Ho Nam secretly help him he was rather reluctant to talk to former gangster related.

Brother of the original Mr. Chiang, he lives out in Kuala Lumpur (national capital of Malaysia). He appears series several times after his appearance in fourth movie.

But in the end, after all to come back to help Chan Ho Nam and on behalf of Hong Xing to fight a boxing match with the Eastern Star and Szeto Ho Nam privately resolution than a private game with Chan Ho Nam, who lost have disappeared in Causeway Bay. The final bulk of winning boxing matches and Chan Ho Nam also defeated Szeto Ho Nam declaring only a "Ho Nam" and the movie ends it setting off the events of the first four films of Young and Dangerous.

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