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Thomas L. Tedrow is an author, screenwriter, film producer, and venture capitalist. He wrote the Little House on the Prairie spin-off series The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Another series he has written was The Younguns. He also wrote a book on Senator Ted Kennedy's scandal called Death at Chappaquiddick. He resides in Winter Park, FL with his wife Carla and four children.[1]


The Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder[edit]

  1. Missouri Homestead (1992)
  2. Children of Promise (1992)
  3. Good Neighbors (1992)
  4. Home to the Prairie (1992)
  5. The World's Fair (1992)
  6. Mountain Miracle (1992)
  7. The Great Debate (1992)
  8. Land of Promise (1992)

The Younguns[edit]

  1. The Younguns of Mansfield (1996)
  2. Frankie and the Secret (1996)
  3. The Circus Escape (1996)
  4. The Legend of the Missouri Mud Monster (1996)
  5. Shipwrecked on Cannibal Island (1996)
  6. (?)
  7. (?) (1999)
  8. (?) (1999)

Possible Missing Titles: Up and Over the Rainbow, Long Road Back, Mountain Ark, Hills of Gold


  • Death at Chappaquiddick: The splash heard round the world (1976)
  • Dorothy: Return to Oz (1993)
  • Broken Vows (1994)
  • Legend of Grizzly Adams and Kodiak Jack (1993)
  • Introduction to African American Studies by Talmadge Anderson and Thomas Tedrow


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