Younuo language

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Native to China
Region Longsheng County, Guangxi, China
Native speakers
9,700  (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 buh
Glottolog youn1235[2]

Younuo (also spelled Yuno, Chinese: 优诺语 yōunuò; autonym: ʑou˩˧nɔ˩˧) is a divergent Hmongic language spoken in Longsheng County (龙胜县), Guangxi, China. Mao (2007:129) reports a total of approximately 4,000 speakers. Its classification is uncertain, although it may be related to Pa-Hng.

According to Mao (2007), Younuo is most closely related to Pa-Hng, and forms a branch with it. Like Pa-Hng, the Younuo are also called "Red Yao" 红瑶, which can refer to various groups speaking different languages. Younuo speakers are also called Shanhua Red Yao 山话红瑶, and number about 4,600 people. Their neighbors, the Pinghua Red Yao 平话红瑶, speak a dialect related to the Chinese dialects of Guibei Pinghua 桂北平话 and Xiangnan Tuhua 湘南土话, and number just over 10,000 people.


Younuo is spoken in Heping township (和平乡), Longsheng County (龙胜县), Guangxi, China, in the villages of Liutian 柳田 (including Xiaozhai 小寨), Jinjiang 金江, Xinlu 新禄, Jinkeng 金坑 (including Huangluo 黄落), and a few others (Mao 2007:129). The Red Yao of Longsheng County are also distributed in Sishui 泗水, Madi 马堤, and Jiangdi 江底 townships.


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