Your Turn to Curtsy, My Turn to Bow

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Your Turn to Curtsy, My Turn to Bow
First edition
Author William Goldman
Country United States
Language English
Published 1958 (Doubleday)

Your Turn to Curtsy, My Turn to Bow is a 1958 novel from William Goldman.


Goldman wrote the book after a 50 week break following his first novel and finished it in seven days.[1] (Other accounts say ten.[2]

Goldman says he was inspired by reading a story by Harold Brodkey in the New Yorker called "First Love" and feeling he could write a better love story.[3]

The book was not widely reviewed when it came out but enjoyed more than fourteen publications in paperback since it came out. Goldman:

Doubleday published it because they thought I might make some money for them someday, but the book found a certain cult. It's sold a lot of copies and it's very popular with the kids in the high schools and colleges. It's a very strange thing.[4]


A film version was announced in 1964 but was never made.[5]


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