Youssouf Sambo Bâ

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Youssouf Sambo Bâ (born May 10, 1942 in Boborgou, Niger) is a Burkinabé politician and retired teacher. He is the President of the Party for Democracy and Socialism.[1][2]

Bâ was headmaster of Collège d'Enseignement Général in Bobo-Dioulasso from 1974 to 1977.[3]

On January 7, 1983 Bâ was named Cabinet Director of the Ministry of National Education, Arts and Culture, by the ruling CSP junta.[4]

Sambo Bâ was elected to the National Assembly in the May 2007 parliamentary election as a candidate on the PDS national list. He was one of only two PDS candidates to win a seat.[5]