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Youth athletes at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics
Game of one of the youth divisions of the Borregos Salvages American football associated with Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico City.

Youth is a category of athletics in which athletes compete under the age of 18 years.

Description and development[edit]

The problems of adolescence in modern times are of various kinds, ranging from obesity to depression, so the practice of sport is important, in particular it to introduce young people to practice athletics and furthermore prevent these problems through the many benefits that sports have for kids.[1] Athletics for adolescents can provide a way to learn various significant life skills in a fun and enjoyable manner. Skills they can learn through participation in sports include teamwork, leadership, responsibility, discipline, and communication.[2] Sport for social development is a way in which sports can have a positive impact on youth. Young athletes can utilize these valuable skills for the rest of their lives. Once young athletes become more experienced in sports, they often desire to play at a more serious level. More serious levels of athletics are accomplished by travel sports teams that young athletes have to try out for to make. These travel sports teams compete against other teams of similar talent levels. Travel sports leagues for kids show a more competitive aspect to youth athletics. Participate in the competitions in this class, athletes who have not completed their eighteenth birthday on 31 December of the Competicion.[3] The IAAF provides a youth development program of athletics, named Youth Programme.[4]

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