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Coordinates: 55°25′38″N 13°49′27″E / 55.42732°N 13.82422°E / 55.42732; 13.82422

X11 train at Ystad Station
Ystad Station

Ystad Station (Swedish: Ystad station) is a railway station which is the terminal station of both the Ystad Line and the Österlen Line. The station is located in Ystad in Scania, Sweden, and is served by the Skåne Commuter Rail and DSB.


The Skåne Commuter Rail operates a half-hour headway along the line using X11 trains, with some of the services continuing along the Österlen Line. Travel time to Malmö Central Station is about 45 minutes.[1] DSB operates three daily InterCity Bornholm trains from Copenhagen Central Station, which connect with BornholmerFærgen to reach the Danish island of Bornholm. Travel time to Copenhagen is slightly less than two hours.[2]


The station was established in 1866 as the western terminus of the Ystad–Eslöv Line (which would later become the Österlen Line). The connection with the Ystad Line opened in 1874. The various railways were nationalized in the early 1940s, and from the 1950 Y6 diesel railcars were introduced. In 1985, the SiTY Train was launched between Simrishamn, Tomelilla and Ystad, using Y1 diesel railcars. They were rebranded Österlensaren in the late 1990s. In 1996 the Ystad Line was electrified. In 1997, Malmöhus County and Kristianstad County were merged to create Scania County, resulting in the Skåne Commuter Rail being extended from Ystad to Simrishamn. Electrification of the Österlen Line started in 2001 and was completed in 2003.[3]


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