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Yuantouzhu peninsula, Sanshan Islands and Lake Tai

Yuantouzhu (Chinese: 鼋头渚; pinyin: Yuán tóu zhǔ) is a peninsula which lies on the northwestern shore of Lake Tai, near Wuxi in China's Jiangsu province.

Yuantouzhu, or "Turtle Head Isle" in English (so called because its shape resembles a turtle's head), is a popular scenic tourist region. Tourist ferries leave from Yuantouzhu to the Sanshan Islands (三山岛), which were opened to tourists in the mid-1980s.[1]

The Yuantouzhu park is famous for its tourism especially during the spring season from March to April when hundreds of cherry blossom trees start to bloom.[2] Two gates are open for tourists which are Chongshan gate and Dushan main gate. During the season, there are also at least eight ancient fishing sailboats in the lake.[3]


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