Yuecheng District

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Yuecheng District (Simplified Chinese: 越城区; Hanyu Pinyin: Yuèchéng Qū) is a county-level district under the jurisdiction of Shaoxing city in Zhejiang Province of the People's Republic of China. It is synonymous with the main urban center of Shaoxing, encompassing all of downtown Shaoxing and immediately surrounding areas. The district's total area is 338 square kilometers, and its population is 610,000 people. The district's postal code is 312000. The district government is located at Tashan Street, Yanan Road.

Paojiang Economic and Technical Development Area [1] is located in this district.

Administrative regions[edit]

The district administers six street offices and seven towns. In total, this encompasses 66 communities, 11 residential areas, and 340 villages.

Street offices: Tashan Street, Fushan Street, Beihai Street, Jishan Street, Chengnan Street, and Qishan Street.

Towns: Lingzhi, Donghu, Gaobu, Mashan, Doumen, Jianhu, and Dongpu.

Coordinates: 29°59′30″N 120°33′32″E / 29.9918°N 120.559°E / 29.9918; 120.559