Yueh Hai Ching Temple

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Yueh Hai Ching Temple

Yueh Hai Ching Temple (Chinese: 粤海清庙), also known as Wak Hai Cheng Bio in Teochew, is a Chinese temple in Singapore, and is located at Phillip Street in the Downtown Core, within the Central Area, Singapore's central business district.

Yueh Hai Ching Temple is Singapore's oldest Taoist temple. It was constructed between 1850 and 1855, and was rebuilt in 1895. The temple holds a special significance for the Teochew community, whose way of life was closely associated with the sea. It is the only temple in Singapore to have stunningly detailed three-dimensional moulded ornaments on its roofs. Chinese Emperor Guang Xu presented a plaque to the temple in 1907.[1]

Restoration works were carried out on the Yueh Hai Ching Temple's entire structure beginning in February 2011 after Chinese New Year. Ngee Ann Kongsi, which owns the temple, committed $5 million to its restoration.[2]


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