Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1964

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Eurovision Song Contest 1964
Country  Yugoslavia
National selection
Selection process Eurovizija 1964
Selection date(s) 5 February 1964
Selected entrant Sabahudin Kurt
Selected song "Život je sklopio krug"
Finals performance
Final result 13th, 0 points
Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Yugoslavia was present at the Eurovision Song Contest 1964, held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

National final[edit]

The Yugoslavian national final to select their entry, was held on 5 February at the Delavski Dom in Trbovlje and hosted by Helena Koder.

The winning song was chosen by the votes of 4 regional juries, at the end of which there was a tie between Sabahudin Kurt's "Život je sklopio krug" and Marjana Deržaj's song "Zlati April". Sabahudin Kurt was chosen as the winner as he received more top marks than Marjana Deržaj.

Draw Artist Song Votes Place
1 Bosko Orobović Veče
2 Krsta Petrović Oka tvog da nema 1
3 Stane Mancini Kakor bela snežinka 3
4 Ivo Robić Njen prvi ples 0 8
5 Sabahudin Kurt Život je sklopio krug 1
6 Lola Novaković Tragom zvezda
7 Marjana Deržaj Zlati April 2
8 Arsen Dedić Odluči se

At Eurovision[edit]

Sabahudin Kurt performed 13th on the night of the Contest following Italy and preceding Switzerland. At the close of the voting the song had received 0 points (nul points), sharing 13th (last) place in the field of 16 competing countries.

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