Yuichi Shoda

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Yuichi Shoda
Residence United States
Fields Psychology
Institutions University of Washington[1]
Known for Cognitive-affective personality system

Yuichi Shoda is a Japanese-born psychologist and academic[2] who contributed to the development of the cognitive-affective personality system theory of personality.[1][3]


Shoda was born and grew up in Japan. He studied physics at Hokkaido University in Sapporo. After attending the University of California, Santa Cruz, he started graduate school in psychology at Stanford, and finished at Columbia University with a PhD degree in psychology in 1990.[1] He joined the University of Washington in 1996.[2]

In 1996 he co-authored with Walter Mischel a paper presenting the "cognitive-affective system theory of personality", stating that if people's behaviors reflect their personalities, and if their personalities remain relatively unchanged across situations, then it should be possible to predict what a person is like in one situation from knowing what she or he is like in another, based on stable and distinctive, individual patterns, called behavioral signatures.[3]

Selected works[edit]

Authors / editors Title Publication date Publisher Place of publication ISBN / ISSN
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