Yuki-Ichilo River Native Community Lands

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The Yuki–Indigenous Council of the Ichilo River Native Community Lands ((Spanish), abbreviated TCO Yuqui-CIRI), originally the Yuki Indigenous Territory, is a collectively-owned indigenous territory in the province of Carrasco, Cochabamba, Bolivia, registered as a Native Community Land and titled by the National Agrarian Reform Institute in April 1997.[1] Residents of the territory belong to the Yuki, Yuracaré, Trinitario, and Movima peoples. The titled territory consists of 115,924.9 hectares and had a population of 778 as of 2010.[2]

There are six indigenous communities located within the territory: Bia Recuaté (Yuki), Tres Islas, Puerto Las Flores, Tres Bocas (Yuracare), Capernaum (Movima), and Santa Isabel (Trinitario).[1]

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