Yuki Tanada

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Yuki Tanada
Born (1975-08-12) August 12, 1975 (age 39)
Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Film director, screenwriter

Yuki Tanada (タナダユキ Tanada Yuki?, born 12 August 1975, in Fukuoka Prefecture) is a Japanese film director and screenwriter.


Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Tanada pursued theater in high school before entering the Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image to study filmmaking.[1][2][3][4] Her independently produced film Moru won the grand prize at the 2001 Pia Film Festival.[2] Her next work, Takada Wataru: A Japanese Original, a documentary on a Japanese folk singer, was featured at the 2003 Tokyo International Film Festival.[5] She won the Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award for her 2008 film One Million Yen Girl.[1] She has written the scripts for many of her films as well as contributed the script to Mika Ninagawa's Sakuran.[2] She has also directed for television.[1]

Selected filmography[edit]

  • Moru (モル?) (2001)
  • Takada Wataru: A Japanese Original (タカダワタル的 Takada Wataru Teki?) (2003)
  • Moon and Cherry (2004)
  • Akai bunka jūtaku no Hatsuko (赤い文化住宅の初子?) (2007)
  • One Million Yen Girl (2008)
  • Oretachi ni Asu wa Naissu (2008)
  • The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky (ふがいない僕は空を見た Fugainai boku wa sora o mita?) (2012)


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