Yukihiko Shimamura

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Yukihiko Shimamura
Born Japan
Occupation Film director
Years active about 1985–

Yukihiko Shimamura (島村雪彦 Shimamura Yukihiko?) is a Japanese adult video (AV) director whose career has spanned some 25 years and hundreds of videos.[1][2]

Life and career[edit]

Shimamura began his career in adult video in the mid-1980s with the h.m.p. studio, which had been founded in 1981 as one of the earliest AV companies. He was one of the directors instrumental in turning the emphasis at h.m.p. from its early S&M videos to single actress "beautiful girl" (bishōjo) works.[1] He also established the popular Palace Virgin (処女宮) series of videos at h.m.p.[1] At the same time, he also directed the theatrical film Yume dorei (夢どれい?), with a screenplay by Oniroku Dan, based on one of his S&M novels. The film was produced under the h.m.p. "Christine" label and distributed by Nikkatsu in September 1987.[1][3][4]

Shimamura directed more than 50 videos at h.m.p., through the late 1990s, when he also began working with other studios, such as Max-A, Atlas21, Alice Japan and Crystal-Eizou.[2] Since the year 2000, Shimamura has been one of the most frequently used directors at Crystal-Eizou, with more than 100 credits to his name,[5] and he also has been one of the top directors at Max-A.[6]

In a break from his AV work, Shimamura also directed the September 1999 softcore V-cinema title 重役秘書 役員室での情事, starring h.m.p. AV actress Mai Asakura.[7]

In his long career, Shimamura has presided over the AV debuts of several actresses, including Hitomi Shiraishi in 1990[8] and Yuri Komuro in 1996[9] (both at h.m.p.), as well as Mai Haruna and [10] Mayura Hoshitsuki (both in 2002)[10] and Shoko Goto (2004)[11] at Crystal-Eizou, and Yua Aida at Max-A in 2004.[11] He also directed Ami Ayukawa and Maria Takagi in a number of AVs, in the early 2000s, including Takagi's retirement video in 2004, called fin... Maria Takagi..

In 2007, Shimamura directed the Crystal-Eizou entry in the second AV Open contest, Celebrity Debut - Misa Kikoden (芸能人★デビュー!! きこうでんみさ), which won the 2nd Place Award in the main contest.[12][13]

In addition to working for the major AV studios, Shimamura also established his own video production company, "LanLan", located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which produces gravure (non-nude) photos, adult videos and V-cinema material.[14]


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