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Dr. Yukio Hattori
Yukio Hattori cropped 1 Yukio Hattori and Tim Hitchens 20130828.jpg
at the British Embassy in Tokyo (August 28, 2013)
Born (1945-12-16) 16 December 1945 (age 68)
Toshima, Tokyo, Japan
Alma mater Showa University
Rikkyo University
Occupation president of the Hattori Nutrition College
Known for appearances on the Japanese television show Iron Chef

Yukio Hattori (服部 幸應 Hattori Yukio?, born 16 December 1945) is best known as an expert commentator on the Japanese television show Iron Chef. Hattori is also the fifth president of the Hattori Nutrition College; the Iron Chef end credits mention that the program is "produced in cooperation with" the College. Hattori received a Ph.D. in medicine from Showa University.


Hattori and James Zumwalt(left), Chargé d'affaires, tasted a special menu at the U.S. Embassy's Independence Day Celebration in Tokyo. (July 2, 2009)
Hattori met Tim Hitchens(right), Ambassador, at the British Embassy in Tokyo. (August 28, 2013)

In the English-dubbed version of Iron Chef, shown on the U.S. Food Network and Australia's SBS network, Hattori was often referred to as "Doc" by the show's announcer, Kenji Fukui. After being introduced, Hattori typically responded, "Always a pleasure." While his main role on the show was as a commentator, Hattori took the place of Chairman Takeshi Kaga at least once when the chairman "boycotted" Kitchen Stadium to protest the poor performance of his Iron Chefs. (The boycott was scripted in the show, as Kaga had another taping schedule that night.) Hattori also challenged the Iron Chefs at least twice. His first battle, in 1994, was against Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba; truffles were the theme ingredient. In his second battle, in 1998, he faced off against Iron Chef Japanese Koumei Nakamura over tuna. Hattori lost both battles.

In episode 7 of Yakitate!! Japan, Hattori was a special guest of one of the judges in the baking contest. He also serves as a semi-regular commentator and judge on the Japanese TV program Ai no Eepuron (Apron of Love).

Hattori's voice in the English-dubbed version of Iron Chef is supplied by Canadian-born voice actor Scott Morris.

Hattori taped an appearance in season 2 of The Next Iron Chef.

International Mycology Award "Amanita" , Dr. Hattori has been recognized by the International School of Culinary Arts of Valladolid (Escuela Internacional de Cocina) with the most important mycological recognition 17th Amanita award(2014. The ceremony will take place October 28th at Soria Gastronomica Congress.

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