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Yuldong Park (율동공원) is a park located at Yul-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam, South Korea. Yuldong Park opened on September 1, 1999 as a resting place for Bundang residents with many entertainment facilities. It has a bungee jumping site (45m), a large fountain that spurts water up to a height of 103 meters, and many other novel things to see. Surrounding the reservoir, the park is well equipped with a promenade, a theater, flower gardens, children's park, badminton center, artificial rock wall, and many spots for a family picnic. A walking path and bicycle path circle the reservoir. On weekends there are lots of people having a picnic, jogging and taking a walk. Tons of restaurants of various kinds are near this park for young couples and families.

St. John's Cathedral is close to the Yuldong Park.

The park is across the street from Bundang-dong which has quiet restaurants and cafes.