Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum

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Coordinates: 23°42′34″N 120°26′00″E / 23.70944°N 120.43333°E / 23.70944; 120.43333

Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum
General information
Type Museum
Location Huwei, Yunlin County, Taiwan, Taiwan
Completed 1931
Puppets at Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum.

The Yunlin Hand Puppet Museum (Chinese: 雲林布袋戲館; pinyin: Yúnlín Bùdài Xìguǎn) is a museum about hand puppets in Huwei, Yunlin County, Taiwan.


The museum building was initially built in 1931 as the Huwei District office. In 1990, the office was relocated to its new place and the building was left idle for several years until 1997 when people became aware of this historical building.[1]


The building is a courtyard house with a 2.5-story wooden structure. It is the oldest of such building in Huwei township.[citation needed]


The museum includes the following exhibits and features:[citation needed]

  • Glove puppetry
  • Puppet theater
  • Huang Hai-tai
  • Old prison
  • Special exhibits
  • Live performance


The museum regularly holds the annual exhibition of Yunlin International Puppet Festival with the collaboration with Yunlin Story House, organized by the Cultural Affairs Department of Yunlin County government.[2]

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