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Yousef Abad is a locality of Tehran, consisting of an area developed through parallel streets called Yusef Abad, Poor Sina (Avicena), Jahan Ara, Modabber (Mahram) and Mostowfi; the latter being the most beautiful and consequently the most expensive part of it. It was first built by Mirza Yousef Ashtiani Mostowfi ul-Mamalek in the northwest of Dar-ol Xelafe Naseri, so was named after him az Yousef Abad locality.[citation needed]

The type of people residing there are generally upper middle class and prestigious. The area is located in the north central part of the town and is served by Valiasr St, as well as Kordestan and Hemmat Expressways.

Yousef Abad has three major Parks: Shafaq park and its public library in the middle of Yousef Abad Street, Qezel-Qale (Red Castle) Park in the beginning of Jahan Ara Street, this place is a part of Former Qezel-Qale prison which was abandoned for many years, and the latter one is Dustan (friends) park at the north of the Yousef Abad street.

The locality is one of four major neighborhoods in Tehran with the highest population of Persian Jewish people, the others being Sheikh Hadi, Gorgan, and Gisha.

It is also host to one of a few synagogues in the city, Yousef Abad Synagogue, called Kenise e Yousef Abad in Persian.

Yousef Abad is also home to one of the first and prominent residential skyscrapers in Tehran, the A.S.P. Towers. The towers are located in corner of Kordestan and Hakim highways, north of Yousef Abad district. They have been a landmark since being completed in 1976.

Situated just behind the A.S.P. Towers, are the newly completed Borj-e beinolmelal-e Tehran or Tehran International Tower. This skyscraper has the title of tallest residential tower in Iran.

Coordinates: 35°10′N 61°06′E / 35.167°N 61.100°E / 35.167; 61.100