Yusupov Palace (Crimea)

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The Yusupov Palace in Miskhor

The Yusupov Palace (Ukrainian: Юсуповський палац) is a palace located in the town of Koreiz, near Yalta in Crimea. It was built for Prince Felix Yusupov-Soumorokov-Elston, father of Prince Felix Yusupov (1887-1967) in 1909 by an architect responsible for the imperial Livadia Palace in nearby Yalta. The palace, whose style may be described as Renaissance Revival and Roman Revival, boasts a romantic park with exotic plants and a wine cellar founded by Prince Lev Galitzine in the 19th century. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the palace was nationalized and served as Joseph Stalin's favorite dacha during the Yalta Conference and at other times.

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Coordinates: 44°25′57″N 34°05′22″E / 44.43250°N 34.08944°E / 44.43250; 34.08944