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Yuu Asakura (born in Kawanishi, Hyogo, Japan in 1976) is a Japanese actress, dancer and language instructor based out of Los Angeles, California, USA. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Tokyo University in 2000 with a B.A. in linguistics and area studies. She has worked as a translator for Hollywood production companies and tutored students at various stages in speaking Japanese, including a series of short clips released on the website expertvillage.com on basic spoken Japanese. She taught English in Japan for many years and views her work in language training as offering a "communication tool for better understanding for one another."


French Bomber Detective (2006) .... Dr.Sophia
Marta's Sex Tape (2006) .... Sunbather
The British Man vs Cash Dispenser (2005) .... The Bunny Girl
Boyz' Day (2003) .... Ami

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