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Yuvraj, Yuvaraja, or Yuvaraj (also known as Kumar or Rajkumar literally meaning Son of the King ) in the languages of India, especially Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu and Gujarati) is an Indian title for "Crown Prince", i.e., heir apparent to the throne of an Indian Princely State or former Hindu kingdom ruling the India before Indian independence. It is usually applied to the eldest son of a Kshatriya chief, rajah or maharajah ruling one of the former kingdoms.

While title, Rajkumar or Kumar was used for all the sons of the ruler, title Yuvraj was applied, for distinction, only to the eldest son, being heir apparent to the throne.

It is also a popular name for Sikh men in India.

Similarly, for the Indian Princess, the word used was Rajkumari or sometimes Maharajkumari; literally meaning daughter of the King. As in India, the daughters did not inherit the throne, there is no word found for female heir apparent, as opposed to Yuvraj, used for male heir apparent.