Yuwan Ufunushi

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Yuwan Ufunushi (与湾大親?, Amami language: ユアン ウフヌシ, ? – 1537) was a tribal chief in Amami Oshima.

According to Chūzan Seifu (中山世譜), Yuwan was appointed as Ufunushi (大親, a title of native chieftain given by Ryukyu Kingdom), by king Shō Sei. He served the kingdom loyally. However, many chiefs disliked him; they reported to the royal government that it was Yuwan who was planning a revolt. A royal force sent by the king landed on the island, Yuwan was forced to commit suicide.

His had a son named Nukanaka Gusuku (糠中城). After the war, Nukanaka was captured and brought to Shuri Castle. Later, Yuwan was proved to be innocent, and his son became the originator of Oroku Dunchi (小禄殿内), which was one of the "Five Aristocratic Families"(五大名門) in Ryukyuan history.


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