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Yves Billon (born July 9, 1946 in Paris) is a French documentary film-maker, highly regarded in Europe.[citation needed] He is also founder of the production companies Les Films du Village and Zaradoc.

The documentaries "Religious and Sufi Music of Pakistan" and "The Music of Balochistan" that he produced with a Pakistani ethnomusicologist Adam Nayyar [1] also won silver medal at the Florence Film. Yves Billon made a 52-minute documentary in 1992 in English/French on the music of Bismillah Khan and showed him as one of the greatest shehnai players who changed the status of shehnai from a common court instrument to that of a classical solo instrument. The film was set along the banks of Ganges, in the mystical Varanasi.The day the shehnai died. Aijaz Gul Festival[citation needed]


  • Far from Fidel, Director
  • De sol a sol, Screenplay
  • La Guerre de pacification en Amazonie, Director & Producer
  • Chronique du temps Sec, Director & Producer
  • De sol a sol, Director & Producer
  • Ali Farka Toure: Ca coule de source, Director, Producer & Screenplay
  • Benares, musique du Gange, Director


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