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Yvonne Littlefield is an American former ice dancer. Skating with Peter Betts, she won the ice dance title at the 1962 United States Figure Skating Championships. She had previously won the Bronze medal at the 1960 U.S. Championships skating with Roger Campbell.

Littlefield and Betts were married immediately after the 1963 U.S. Championships, where they won the Silver medal.[1] At the 1963 World Figure Skating Championships, disaster struck them during the free dance, when screws attaching Betts's skate blade to the boot fell out. They were given permission to restart after making repairs, but the screws again came loose, and they were unable to complete their program.[2] After this season, they retired from competition and took up coaching.

Littlefield later was divorced from Betts and married John Nicks.[3]


(with Roger Campbell)

Event 1960
World Championships 8th
U.S. Championships 3rd

(with Peter Betts)

Event 1962 1963
World Championships 7th 17th
North American Championships 4th
U.S. Championships 1st 2nd


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