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marina at Groov
map of Zündorf (shown in red) within the district of Porz

Zündorf (German: Köln-Zündorf) is a suburb of Cologne, Germany and part of the district of Porz. Zündorf lies on the right bank of the river Rhine, between Langel and Porz. Zündorf has 12.229 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2008) and covers an area of 8,12 km².

The former village grew from a small trading post on the Rhine isle of Groov, which nowadays is a peninsula. Zündorf is served by Cologne Stadtbahn line 7.

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Coordinates: 50°52′8″N 7°02′37″E / 50.86889°N 7.04361°E / 50.86889; 7.04361