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Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded 2009
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
Employees 12
Website Z8Games.com

Z8Games is the international distributor for CrossFire, an online first-person-shooter (FPS), Lost Saga which is a 3D fighting game and previously Metin 2, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and Fishing Hero which offers a realistic and accessible online version of the sport of angling. Z8Games is a partner company to G4Box,[1] a Canadian online media publisher. While Z8Games is a licensed publisher in North America, its games are offered internationally and Z8Games offers game servers in the United Kingdom for European players. On the July 19th, 2014, the name of the company changed from 'G4box Inc' to 'Smilegate West, Inc'. This was done to reflects their desire to convey a more consistent corporate identity among their global affiliates.


While Z8Games advertises their games as being "free-to-play," they offer additional in-game currency called Z8 Points, or ZP.[2] The virtual currency can be purchased by means of online purchase, cellular phone billing or mail-in cash.

ZP can then be used for in-game perks, such as additional characters, temporary weapons, character accessories and an in-game lottery.


CrossFire is an online first person shooter (FPS), which features two International Mercenary Forces locked together in an epic global conflict. Players assume the role of either a Black List terrorist or Global Risk anti-terrorist, joining an online team that must work together to complete objective-based scenarios. There are ten online modes: Team Death Match, Escape Mode, Elimination Mode, Search and Destroy, Ghost Mode, Free-For-All, Mutation Mode, Hero Mode, Hero Mode X and Zombie Mode. Based on their performance in-game, players will receive experience points and be promoted through various military ranks, based on the United States Army's ranking system. Players will also have the ability to customize their character's equipment and appearance through CrossFire's in-game item shop. CrossFire is free to download and playable online.

Modes of play

CrossFire involves several modes of play, each with unique maps and rules.

  • Team Deathmatch: Players must work together to kill the enemies a designated number of times preset by the host, or get more kills in a designated time limit. Number of kills are 40, 60, 80, 100, and 150. Time limits are 5 minutes, 8 minutes, 10 minutes and 12 minutes. Respawn time will also vary, somewhere between 0 to 10 seconds.
  • Search and Destroy: The Black List attempts to destroy one of two designated points with C4, or destroy all the Global Risk players, while the Global Risk team must destroy all Black List players before the bomb is planted or diffuse the bomb with Black List dead or alive. If the round time is up (3 Minutes) and the bomb isn't planted as well as both side have at least one survivor, the Global Risk side will take the win for the round.
  • Elimination mode: Similar to team death match, only players don't re-spawn when killed and runs on a basis of rounds instead of kills or a time limit. If there is one person alive on each side, the player that has the most health would win the round for their team.
  • Ghost Mode: A twist to Search and Destroy. All Black Lists are cloaked in invisibility but are only armed with melee weapons, while all Global Risk mercenaries are fully visible but can use all available weapons they have at their disposal. The Black List must use stealth to blow up the one of the two targets with C4 to win or kill all Global Risk, while the Global Risk mercenaries must defend the targets and shoot down any ghosts. The Global Risk may diffuse the C4 with Black List dead or alive for a Global Risk victory.Black list can only not be seen by the tecnic of bhoping.Global Risk also use a tecnic named pinpointing that consist in hearing the noise of the breath.this to tecnic are learned and it takes a lot of practice to do them
  • Free for All: A mode where there is no teams and with optional weapon restrictions. Players constantly re-spawn at different locations. Free for all runs off of a number of preset kills or time. The player who reaches the kill amount set before hand will win or the player with the most kills when time runs out.
  • Mutation Mode: A mode where between one and three players are randomly selected as mutants at the beginning of the round and must tag other human players. Mutants are given increased jump distance and dramatically increased health and a special ability. When shot by a mercenary, they are "pushed" back. Each mutant has a special (depending on which mutant is being used)they can activate for a short period of time including invisibility, increased running speed, special grenades and spewing thick black smoke, with each having their advantages and disadvantages. Specials are only available to berserker to titan evolution. Slugs do not have access to the special. Each special costs 500 HP. Mutants may stand still to recover HP as long as they don't get shot.
  • Escape Mode: Black List must enter a portal deep inside the Global Risk Base where the player will score an escape point. There are two halves. After the first half is done, the players swap teams, where Black List becomes Global Risk and vice-versa. If the first team didn't finish the amount of escapes, the enemy team only has to finish off what they started when the teams swap.
  • Hero Mode: A slight variation of Mutation Mode. Same rules from mutation mode except in this mode, one player has the chance to be selected as the Hero for the round, where the player is given a specialty weapon with dramatically increased firepower in addition to a special temporary character change. The hero is also equipped with a mutation jacket which allows the hero to take two "tags" or hits rather than one like the normal soldiers.
  • Hero Mode X: A slight variation of Hero mode. One to three players will be randomly selected to become mutants depending on how many players there are. One of the mutants will be selected to become the mutant Xeno, who will have special attacks consisting of shooting out lighting that has further range than the regular mutants and the special right click which has an even further range. Its "special" (G) allows the player to move faster like the slug or dread in their berserker/titan form. Mutants are killed much more easily in this mode as the start of each round, the damage multiplier is always at 250x the normal rate and increases as each human gets mutated. However, the mutants have much less recoil or "push" when shot making it much easier to mutate others. Depending on how many players there are, the last 1, 2, or 3 humans alive will be able to become commandos by pressing E. Commandos start out with 6000 health and have a special melee weapon: dual kukri's. Kukri's deal 1000 damage to mutants and 1500 with its special. However, mutants deal a decent amount of damage to the commandos and even more with their strong attack (right click). Xeno has the ability to deal more damage to the commandos. When killed by a commando, or by any other melee weapon, mutants are unable to respawn.
  • Zombie Mode: Previously known as Challenge Mode released by Cross Fire on September 15, 2011. Zombie Mode consist of a team up to 4 members from Global Risk trying to survive a fixed amount of rounds with a boss at the final round. This is the only mode in the game that allow players to fight against AI's (Game Bots) and is also the only mode that reward in-game crates which players could win weapons. Certain maps allow weapons from bags and others have "crates" from which soldiers can pick up random weapons. Types of zombies include: Ghost zombies (similar to ghosts in ghost mode), running zombies (zombies that are "running" or have increased speed), green mutant zombies (ability to speed up like in MM/HM/HMX), dread zombies (increased attack range) and "shooter" zombies (zombies with AK-47's/dragunov's/XM-1014's).

CrossFire was developed by Smilegate,[3] a South Korean game developer in 2007 using Lithtech's Jupiter EX engine. CrossFire is licensed to the multimedia publisher, Neowiz, and is distributed further to regional publishers.

Lost Saga[edit]

Lost Sage is a casual free-to-play 3D fighting game. On December 8, 2013 WeMade USA shut down Lost Saga's service in North America. No reason was given as to why. On December 18, 2013 Z8Games began hosting Lost Saga in North America. With the change of services, all of the content obtained while under WeMade USA will transfer over to Z8Games. Transfers will be done by using current lost saga log in details to log into to the Z8Games lost saga site and agreeing to have the account transferred on December 18 and forward.

On the November 20th 2014, Lost Saga was transferred to Steam however, it is still pushlished by Z8Games.

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