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ZBS Foundation, a small non-profit audio production company, was founded by Thomas Lopez in 1970 with a grant from Robert E. Durand as a working commune based on a donated farm in Upstate New York. The commune's purpose was to raise consciousness through media, specifically full-cast audio dramas.

Eventually, the commune disintegrated, and the organization became the outlet for dramas written by writer/producer Lopez. His dramatic programs, notably Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe, The Fourth Tower of Inverness and Travels with Jack Flanders, are noted for their meticulous production values and New Age mysticism. Lopez has won numerous awards including the Prix Italia, and his work enjoys a cult following.

ZBS did a 1984-85 radio series, The Cabinet of Dr. Fritz, later releasing some shows in the series on cassettes and CDs. These productions were recorded binaurally using Neumann's Ku81. ZBS also produced a widely acclaimed dramatization of Stephen King's The Mist recording in binaural sound.

According to an interview with Thomas Lopez [1], ZBS stands for "Zero Bull Shit".

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