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Z Communications is a left-wing activist-oriented media group founded in 1986 by Michael Albert and Lydia Sargent.[1] It is, in broad terms, ideologically libertarian socialist, anticapitalist, and heavily influenced by participatory economics, although much of its content is focused on critical commentary of foreign affairs. Its publications include Z Magazine, ZNet, Z Media, and Z Video.[2] Z Communications is based outside Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Publications and organizations[edit]

Z Magazine[edit]

Z Magazine (formerly Zeta) was established in 1987 by two of the co-founders of South End Press, Michael Albert and Lydia Sargent. It is a monthly magazine focusing on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the United States. It is published in print and on-line.

Z Net[edit]

Founded in 1995, Z Net is a website to "convey information and provide community," generally focusing on politics from a left-wing perspective. It covers hot-topic issues, sub-sites, translations, archives, links to other progressive sites, and a daily commentary program. The site offers a comprehensive archive of Noam Chomsky's online materials for its users.[3]

Z Media Institute[edit]

Founded in 1994, Z Media Institute provides classes and other sessions in how to start and produce alternative media, how to understand mainstream and alternative media better, how to enhance organising skills and knowledge, and how to better comprehend and develop radical theory, strategy, and vision.

Z Video[edit]

Founded in 1998, Z Video produces videos about politics, economics, foreign policy, and the World Social Forum.

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