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Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic الزبابدة
 • Also spelled al-Zababida (official)
az-Zubabdeh (unofficial)
Al Zababida-11853.jpg
Zababdeh is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of Zababdeh within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 32°23′07.23″N 35°19′23.42″E / 32.3853417°N 35.3231722°E / 32.3853417; 35.3231722Coordinates: 32°23′07.23″N 35°19′23.42″E / 32.3853417°N 35.3231722°E / 32.3853417; 35.3231722
Governorate Jenin
 • Type Village Council (from 1995)
 • Jurisdiction 5,719 dunams (5.7 km2 or 2.2 sq mi)
Population (2007)[1]
 • Jurisdiction 3,665

Zababdeh or Zababida (Arabic: الزبابدة‎) is a Palestinian town in the northern West Bank located 15 km southeast of Jenin and 2 km from the Arab American University. Its jurisdiction consists of 5,719 dunams, three-fifths being covered with olive and fig groves.[2] According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics 2007 census, there were 3,665 residents,[1] of which roughly two-thirds are Christians,[3] and by law the mayor has to be a Christian.[citation needed]

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