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دانشگاه زابل
دانشگاه زابل

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© University of Zabol
Established 1979
Type Public

Mahmood Oukati Sadegh faculty=8

Students 15000
Location Zabol, Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran
Athletics teams

University of Zabol is a university in the city of Zabol in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan in Iran.

In 1982, higher education was started in Zabol which is located in Sistan region, south east of Iran, by establishment of the Junior College of Agriculture. Initially only 50 students were admitted. After the Cultural Revolution, the educational activities of the Junior College were suspended and upon reopening of the higher education institutes in 1986 the Junior college resumed its activities as the Junior college of agriculture by admitting 40 students in agronomy. Animal sciences were also added to the Junior college of agriculture in 1990. Two years later, because of the pressing needs of the region a warrant was granted to change the Junior college into a University faculty. In October 1993, by admitting undergraduate students in husbandry and plant breeding the faculty entered a new phase. In 1999, in order to supply the specialized human resources and cultural, political and economical development of the region, with cooperation of the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially his excellency, Dr. Moeen, minister of science, research and technology, Zabol University was established with basic facilities. After several years, the university is now honored to have taken steps in meeting the social, economic, political and cultural needs of the region as a comprehensive and practical university which includes faculties, research centers, graduate programs, centers for evening education and boarding high schools.

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