Zabranjena ljubav

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Zabranjena ljubav
Format soap opera
Created by Fremantle Media
Country of origin Croatia
No. of episodes 805
Running time 30 Minutes
Original channel RTL Televizija
Original run October 25, 2004 – November 3, 2008

Zabranjena ljubav (lit. "Forbidden Love", commonly abbreviated to ZLJ) is a Croatian daytime soap opera about the lives and loves of both young and older characters, focused on the major Croatian city of Zagreb. Actors Mario Valentic, Antonija Sola, Nada Rocco, Dejan Marcikic and Anita Berisha (last one with some months of break) are the only remaining original cast members.

The soap tackles controversial issues, such as rape, homosexuality, adultery, and deadly diseases. The viewers of this soap are varied, ranging from small children to senior citizens.

Zabranjena ljubav is a remake of Australian soap opera Sons and Daughters, initially based on that serial's original story and character outlines, before diverging as the new series progressed.

In April 2008, RTL Televizija announced that the highly popular soap opera will end its run after 4 years this fall in its time slot 7:30 PM.


The original story begins by introducing a handsome 22 year old Danijel Loncar (Zoran Pribicevic) coming home to Zagreb, on his 22nd birthday, after losing his job in Italy. At the railway station, he bumps into a beautiful girl. They both feel immediate attraction. Danijel doesn’t even get the chance to ask for her name as they are greeted by their friends and family.

The girl is Petra Novak (Anita Berisha) who also returned home, after studying photography in London, funny enough, on a present day she also celebrates her 22nd birthday.

It soon transpires that Danijel and Petra were twins separated at birth. Danijel had initially been raised by the wise Nada Horvat (Nada Rocco) before returning to his father Josip Loncar (Drazen Mikulic), and Petra raised by her mother Viktorija Novak (Sanja Vejnovic) who had married into money to a rich aristocrate widower Stjepan Novak (Velimir Cokljat).

The parents of the twins had each married other people and raised families which had other adult children. The Loncar family comprised Danijel's father Josip Loncar, a construction worker; and Josip's wife Biserka Loncar (Vanja Matujec), a warm-hearted, down-to-earth housewife. Their children were Iva Loncar (Marija Kobic) and Matija (Filip Riđicki), Iva had just started a romantic involvement with Igor Carevic (Dejan Marcikic) and Matija started seeing his class member Lana Kos (Petra Kurtela). Petra had grown up with her mother Viktorija (Sanja Vejnovic), Viktorija's husband Stjepan who was a successful wineyard owner and businessman, and Stjepan's son from an earlier marriage, the spiteful Borna Novak (Mario Valentic).

After Danijel's investigation into Petra's whereabouts, he slowly enters the world of the powerful Novak family by landing a job as a gardener, not knowing he is working for his biological mother, nor that he has fallen in love with his own sister.

Other major characters include Lidija Bauer (Katja Zupcic) who has always had strong feelings for Stjepan, but who stepped away out of respect towards the family and her children. Lidija has two children of her own: the spoiled and stubborn teenager Tina Bauer (Antonija Sola)and the good-natured medical student Leon Bauer (Mario Mohenski) later (Marin Knezevic), who was betrothed to Petra at Viktorija's instigation only for the wedding to be cancelled after a revelation about his homosexuality. Viktorija's best friend, the dizzy socialite Stela Vidak (Matija Prskalo), was introduced as a minor figure during the show's early days as someone to whom Viktorija could recite expository dialogue about her latest scheme to, but soon emerged as a key character.


2008 Cast[edit]

Actor Role Status
Anita Berisha Petra Loncar 2004–2008
Mario Valentić Borna Novak 2004–2008
Dejan Marcikić Igor Carevic 2004–2008
Antonija Šola Tina Bauer 2004–2008
Nada Rocco Nada Barić 2004–2008
Vesna Tominac Matačić Karolina Novak 2005–2008
Zoran Gogić Jure Šarić 2006–2008
Maja Petrin Dunja Barišić 2006–2008
Vladimir Tintor Franjo Barišić 2006–2008
Robert Plemić Luka Lausić 2006–2008
Andjela Ramljak Marijana Benčić 2006–2008
Frano Lasić Marinko Ružić 2006–2008
Danira Gović Angelina Kovač 2007–2008
Lorena Nosić Mirna Šarić 2007–2008
Ozren Domiter Ivica Šarić 2008
Sandra Bagarić Eleonora Šarić 2008

Recurring cast members[edit]

Actor Role
Mario Mlinarić Jakov Barišić
Sime Zanze waiter Robert
Danilo Vukčević Mate Grom
Mario Lukajić Tom Ružić #2

Departed cast members[edit]

Actor Role Status
Mario Mohenski Leon Bauer #1 2004
Marin Knezevic Leon Bauer #2 2004–2005
Sanja Vejnovic Viktorija Novak 2004–2005
Mirna Medakovic Maja Vukovic 2004–2005
Marina Kostelac Vesna Kos 2004–2005
Andrej Dojkic Aleksandar Baric 2005–2006
Ivan Martinec Ljubo Carevic 2004–2006
Filip Ridjicki Matija Loncar 2004–2006
Zoran Pribicevic Danijel Loncar † 2004–2006
Drazen Mikulic Josip Loncar 2004–2005; guest in 2006.
Petra Kurtela Lana Kos 2004–2006
Velimir Cokljat Stjepan Novak 2004–2006
Matija Prskalo Stela Vidak 2004–2006
Katija Zubcic Lidija Bauer-Novak 2004–2006; guest in 2007.
Mirsad Tuka Zlatko Fijan † 2005–2007
Jelena Percin Ana Fijan-Bencic 2005–2007
Marija Kobic Iva Loncar 2004–2007
Vanja Matujec Biserka Fijan (ex Loncar) 2004–2007
Marko Cabov Nikola Bencic 2006–2007
Jozo Suker Antun Bencic 2006–2008


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