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Zacatzontli, Códice Borgia.

Zacatzontli[pronunciation?] in Aztec mythology is the god of night road. He was the son of Tonatiuh and Metzli and was worshiped by the Aztecs to protect the merchants that were embarking on trade expeditions at night. Before a merchant would leave the Aztecs would hold a ceremony where they would take a person and thorn him to death and take his blood and some rubber and sprinkle it on five banners which would be burned and have their ashes buried in the middle of the patio. in Aztec mythology he was one of the patterns of travellers , a group which included other gods including Yacatecuhtli.He was also a huitznahuac god. This meant he was one of the remaining gods from the southern stars. He was the night equivalent of Tlacotzontli. [1]


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