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Zambra (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈθambɾa]), also known as the zambra mora, is a flamenco dance performed by the Romani people (gypsies) of Granada which is believed to have evolved from earlier Moorish dances and has some similarities to belly dancing. In Maghrebi Arabic spoken in Morocco, zambra means "party". The Zambra dance forms part of the wedding ceremonies at gypsy weddings, and gypsies perform it for tourists in the Sacromonte cave houses at Granada. It was outlawed at one time in history and became known as the "Forbidden Dance". In modern times, it has been espoused by flamenco dancers Carmen Amaya, La Chunga, and Pilar Lopez. It is danced barefoot with finger cymbals; the blouse is tied under the bust and the skirt is tight around the hips, then flares out and has a ruffle at the end.


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