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Coordinates: 18°56′8″N 71°59′36″W / 18.93556°N 71.99333°W / 18.93556; -71.99333

Zanmi Lasante is a sister organization to the Boston-based Partners In Health that operates out of Cange in central Haiti. The name, Zanmi Lasante, means Partners In Health in Haitian Creole.[1] It was built in 1985 to treat patients who were incapable of paying hospital fees.[2][3] Its facilities include two operating wards, "adult and pediatric inpatient wards, an infectious disease center, an outpatient clinic, a women's health clinic (Proje Sante Fanm), ophthalmology and general medicine clinics, a laboratory, a pharmaceutical warehouse, a Red Cross blood bank, and radiographic services." It currently has eight sites in the area of the central plateau of Haiti and serves over 500,000 people.[2]

Zanmi Lasante, located in Cange, Haiti

Services cost the equivalent of about eighty American cents for everyone "except for women and children, the destitute, and anyone seriously injured." Additionally, no one may be turned away.[4]

In 2002, the organization's Director of Strategic Planning Loune Viaud won the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for her work,[5] and in 2003 was named one of Ms. magazine's "Women of the Year".[6]

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