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The Zanzibar House of Representatives is the unicameral, semi-autonomous legislative body of Zanzibar in Tanzania, East Africa.

The current House of Representatives, formed following elections held on 30 October 2005, has a total of 81 members. 50 members are directly elected in single-member constituencies using the simple majority (or First-past-the-post) system. The President of Zanzibar appoints 10 additional members and five seats are reserved for government-appointed regional commissioners. 15 seats are reserved for women and are filled on a party basis. The final seat is reserved for the Attorney-General.

Political party distribution among the 50 directly elected seats is as follows:

(Note: Results in one constituency were invalidated due to irregularities. A re-run of the poll took place on 14 December 2005, but the result is not available.)

Pandu Ameir Kificho is the current Speaker of the House.

Previous House of Representatives election results[edit]

Political Party Election Year
1995 2000
Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) 26 34
Civic United Front (CUF) 24 16
Total 50 50

Note: The results above include only directly elected seats.

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