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Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited
Type Limited
Industry Casual games, Online games
Founded 2005
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Key people Manish Agarwal, CEO
Sunil Kumar, Head-Technology
Narendra Kamath, CFO
Owner(s) Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
Website is a privately held, online gaming portal, with browser games in India (services provided Globally), promoted by the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group's subsidiary company Reliance Big Entertainment. Launched in 2006, the site provides a very large collection of casual games, including some famous games like Bejeweled from PopCap Games[1] & Diner Dash from PlayFirst.[2] They claim to host the largest collection of online casual games, compared to any gaming website in India and are also among the top 50 portals according to Alexa ratings. This gaming site is meant for all kids and teenagers between the age of 8–25 years.


The Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group's Reliance Big Entertainment got the idea of a mass gaming website when its designers noticed the Internet boom in China since 2001. The number of Chinese people using wireless rose phenomenally to about 85 million.

This ongoing surge also meant that China saw a huge increase in the number of gamers. About 200,000 Internet cafes opened up.

Reliance Big Entertainment brought [3]this gaming Revolution to India in 2006. In its way, India had "walked the path of the Chinese". The number of Indian mobile phone users was near 90 million in 2005 and about 105,000 Internet cafes. So, to cash in on India's developing and booming gaming industry, Reliance Big Entertainment launched in November 2006.

Present Popularity[edit]

A graph showing the daily reach of

Zapak is considered to be the largest online casual gaming website in India, after Zapak hosts more than 600 games,[4] and has a unique policy of adding a new game everyday. Thus the increase in the number of games. Zapak is also a highly visited site, currently having over 6 million registered users and over 60 million visitors,[5] with an estimated potential of 20 million registered users by 2010.

Categories for Games[edit]

Zapak features a wide variety of game categories, to suit the various needs of different types of gamers. Zapak is known to be the host of several world famous games like Bejeweled, Diner Dash series, Sewer Run, Meter Down Racing etc. But these games are from different categories - Bejeweled is a Puzzle game; Diner Dash is a Strategy game; Sewer Run and Meter Down Racing are Racing games. They also developed augmented reality based advergame for Pepsi,[6]

Recently Zapak also launched RuneScape, which is the world's most popular free MMORPG in India,[7] in association with Jagex Ltd.

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